Saturday, December 26, 2009

Sore Throat And Blood When Blowing Nose

the Maya Mexico 2: First

from Valladolid to noon, here we are walking on small roads.
Discoveries very isolated villages to the best of jungles withdrawn populated Maya Maya really.
The women wear traditional dress that we had glimpsed in Valladolid. Immaculate white dresses adorned with two bands of floral color.

Traditional houses are made of a piece oval mud walls covered with a roof of dried palm leaves.
Two doors. No windows. Inside, hammocks.
For richer, these traditional houses are converted into storage annexes and abandoned in favor of blocks of houses, modern tools.

the middle of nowhere, more fuel.
A passerby tells us the station, behind the black car ...
At first glance, there's not masses of pumps.
In fact, a sign suggests "gasolina 8.5 pesos per litro.
in his hammock, a Mayan impassively waiting barge. by a nap.
Once awake, he goes out with a water bottle filled with orange liquid and a tube attached to the end of a funnel.
We pay ten gallons in the tank.
We just hope it is of the essence!
The failure in the jungle, it does not

Finally, it passes and we arrive at the nickel walking Oxaxaxalab (never could pronounce).
An excellent grilled chicken, then Route Puuc name gives the specific architectural style of the region.

We have three hours before nightfall. Widely
enough to visit our first ruins. We start by voluntarily
least known.
We made the crescendo.

A Labna we discover a 70-room palace, surrounded by the remains of a pyramid and a monumental arch.
is a real shock to see how the site rehabilitation was successful and we are immersed in the ancient city. For
rather, we take for Maya dignitaries taking after their cocoa matutinal the SACB (Maya path) leading to the Shrine.
Puuc style is characterized by ornamentation has from the first level. Generally based on geometric patterns or colonnades. Here we are in the archetype of the purest Puuc.
Leaving a souvenir shop offers us a statue maya-suthra that we really liked, see below ...

is continued, fueled by the curiosity that mouthing. And we arrive at Kabah. The
, we have twenty minutes before closing. We will
ultimately much more to visit the palace and its surroundings.
Steps of the steepest lead us on a platform that we imagine sacrificial because it dominates a monumental space.

From the above, we find a broad plaza surrounded by several temples adorned with magnificent statues. Many of them have an appendix in the shape of a trumpet pointing skywards. No, it's not a phallic symbol base, but the representation of the god Chac, the god of rain.

time to see two magnificent warriors, a whistle sounds in Maya.
It's closing time.

Latest photos before leaving the scene of this first contact with the magical Mayan ruins that we find totally alone, because the flu H1N1 and the U.S. crisis.


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